Physical to Digital – Transition expedited!

Physical to Digital – Transition expedited!

We are living in a world surrounded by choices and constant change. Over the last few years, physical businesses are disappearing, and online stores and businesses generate revenues. Superstores, online stores and we have seen even medical services have created an enormous customer base. 

If you are not online, you are not visible to your customer base. Social media platforms like Instagrams and quality website are must to grow the customer base. New Businesses who are aware of using a digital presence in their favour grow large customer base and create long term loyalty by engaging customers. 

I want to share five simple tools if you are starting your online business.

  1. Simple, customer-friendly, and easy to navigate Website – A website that gives the customer an experience of your brand and its value from your product. 
  2. Instagram: Instagram is the most popular way to attract clients. It is a potent tool to engage with clients, especially the younger generation. 
  3. Wats app for Business – Wats app for business is a free tool to attract clients and inform them of the new services.
  4. Mailchimp – Powerful tool to keep customers engaged with new products services and discounts
  5. Customer reviews: Good customers reviews backing your top quality products grow and retain customers. 

If you need help or advice, please drop in a line via our contact us section, happy to share my advice.